Charles Eugène Sancelme (Jenzat, Allier 1882-1962),... - Lot 364 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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Charles Eugène Sancelme (Jenzat, Allier 1882-1962),... - Lot 364 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
Charles Eugène Sancelme (Jenzat, Allier 1882-1962), corps general. After graduating from Saint-Cyr (1901), he joined the 4th Zouave regiment (1903), and fought in the campaigns of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria until 1910, before being promoted to captain of artillery (1913). As a general, he commanded the 4th North African Infantry Division. He was taken prisoner on May 17, 1940 and remained so throughout the war. Private archives of General Sancelme : - First World War. 2 interesting letters from Sancelme to his parents, written from Saint-Dié (Vosges), at the very beginning of the war (July 29 - August 6, 1914) + 3 photos. - Correspondence from General Sancelme to Camille Sancelme-Vizier, in Jenzat. 21 letters, 1930-1948. Beautiful and interesting correspondence. - Second world war. 4 very interesting letters from General Sancelme to his "dear little Gabrielle", about the beginning of the war and the Munich bombing. Headers of the 4th North African division. - Correspondence from General Sancelme to his parents, when he was at the Lycée de Moulins and then at Saint-Cyr: 16 letters in fine handwriting + 3 photos. Around 1900-1910. - Portfolio of Sancelme from the École Spéciale Militaire of Saint-Cyr. - A lot of other documents: letters written during the occupation by generals to Madame Sancelme (when the general was a prisoner), letters written from Vichy, Noirétable and Ebreuil addressed to Camille Sancelme (in particular from Commandant Auriche), transcripts of the future general's grades at the Lycée Banville in Moulins, his marriage contract, etc. As well as a set of handwritten notes written on the back of sheets of the Chamber of Deputies, and a manuscript: a diary kept by Sancelme during maneuvers in 1911.
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