MILITARIA. Set of documents concerning different... - Lot 339 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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MILITARIA. Set of documents concerning different... - Lot 339 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
MILITARIA. Set of documents concerning different members of the Lenferna family. Joseph André de LENFERNA (Montigny-la-Resle 1784-1857), son of Georges-Odon. - Beautiful certificate signed by the duke of Berry. Castle of the Tuileries, January 1, 1816. "Certify that Mr. de Lenferna, bodyguard, Noailles company, followed the King to Belgium, that he was part of the Army Corps under my command, and that he gave proofs of fidelity, of zeal and of his devotion to the service of His Majesty. - Act of replacement in the 9th regiment of dragoons. Versailles, 24 fructidor year 13. - 2 letters with beautiful vignettes (one of the 9th regiment of Dragons), concerning this replacement. Versailles, 24-27 fructidor year 13. - Certificate of reception in the company of the Bodyguards of the King (July 1, 1814), delivered by Philippe de Noailles prince de Poix. Paris, January 1, 1816. - Philippe de Noailles prince de Poix. Letter signed to Lenferna, on the new organization of the Gardes du Corps. 31 Oct. 1815. - Hundred days]. Authorization to return home, granted by the imperial authorities. March-April 1815. - Order of the prefect of Yonne, appointing Joseph-André de Lenferna mayor of the commune of Vergigny. Auxerre, 1855. - 2 acts of faith and homage and fidelity to the king of the land and seigneury of la Resle, parish of Montigny-le-Roi (1731-1749), by Gabriel André de Lenferna (1695-1769). - Certificate of nobility signed by d'Hozier de Sérigny, in favor of Alexandre-Gabriel de Lenferna de La Resle (born in 1772), son of Georges-Odon. Paris, 1781. - Appointment of captain of infantry for Jean-Dominique Alexandre de Lenferna (1838) + passport (1859). - Nomination of knight of the legion of honor for Joseph-André de Lenferna (1839). - Certificate of noble lineage issued on Sept. 25, 1751 by the genealogist Clairambault for Antoine-Bernard de Lenferma de La Resle (born in 1736). Conformed copy delivered in 1781.
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