[LIGHT CINEMATOGRAPHY]. Claude Traverse,... - Lot 316 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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[LIGHT CINEMATOGRAPHY]. Claude Traverse,... - Lot 316 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
[LIGHT CINEMATOGRAPHY]. Claude Traverse, assistant and projectionist. 3 autographed letters signed to his parents, in Lyon. On board the liner Champagne, St. Louis and New Jersey, January-April 1897. 24 pp. in-8 and in-folio. A projectionist from Lyon in the United States at the very beginning of the cinema. According to oral tradition, Claude Traverse was the assistant of Félix Mesguich (1871-1949), a pioneer operator of the cinema, sent to the four corners of the world by the Lumière brothers, in particular to the United States, from where he was expelled for espionage on April 1, 1897, following a complaint by Edison. However, there is no mention of him in this correspondence. He describes his journey, crossing the Atlantic, arriving in New York, travelling to and settling in St. Louis, a city on the banks of the Mississippi, which he describes at length. In a leaflet that he entitled "confidential", he discusses his work: "I am placed for a few weeks at the Hagan Theater in St. Louis. I give 3 performances a day 4:00, 6:½ and 10:½ in the evening. We are very successful and the hall, which is about the size of the Lyon casino, is packed every night. As time we are well taken, forced to be in the theater to prepare the next projection. We are installed in the middle of the floor and project on the stage. The screen is very big, about 4 times the one on the rue de la République [in Lyon]. We change the view every week [...]". Attached is a record of his brother Paul Traverse's schooling at the Chartreux of Lyon.
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