AVIATION. Maurice BELLONTE (1896-1984), aviator;... - Lot 304 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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AVIATION. Maurice BELLONTE (1896-1984), aviator;... - Lot 304 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
AVIATION. Maurice BELLONTE (1896-1984), aviator; with Dieudonné Costes, he set the world record for straight-line distance (Sept. 1929) and then made the first crossing of the North Atlantic from east to west (Paris-New York, Sept. 1930). Set concerning his flights and records. - TEST FLIGHTS WITH ENGLAND. Set of notes and autograph manuscripts of Maurice Bellonte, 1922-1923. About twenty pages in-8, with some sketches. Interesting notes taken during tests with his friend Aimé Grasset (who was killed in 1924) between Le Bourget and Croydon, south of London. "AEFN Grasset Bellonte. Trip of June 21, 23. Departure Bourget 13H2. Checked TSF to the hillock of Écouen with Le Bourget. Transmission good reception perfect. Gave the position at the Oise, at Beauvais [...]. Landed at Berck with a seized valve and a magneto switch gone Oil the valve, put back the switch and left for Croydon. Impossible to phone the antenna being broken at the landing of Berck. Arrived at Croydon at 17:40 [...] ". 2 notes are illustrated with sketches (indications for repairs). - FLIGHT PARIS-AÇORES. Handwritten strip on tracing paper, folded, 68 x 10 cm. Beginning of a roll of notes of a flight to the Azores, probably for the first attempt to cross the Atlantic, July 13 and 14, 1929 (Costes and Bellonte turned back north of the Azores). "4:30 GMT: departure. Fog at the end of the field / F00 from FRANS [...] FFX at 0700 GMT : passed Turns at 0534 = Pse [...] Cape Finisterre Azores + FFX answers to F00 [...] Average course to Gironde 220-225 / FW2 I received CQ from FRANS=F2 [...]". Attached is a fragment of another roll-note: "AEF from FRANS Cap Ortegal 10:00 / Le Ferrol 10:12". - WORLD RECORD OF DISTANCE. Laurent EYNAC (1886-1970), politician, first Minister of Air (1928-1930). Typed letter signed to Maurice Bellonte. 1 p. in-4, letterhead. Paris, Nov. 23, 1929. From September 27 to 29, 1929, Costes and Bellonte set a world record for straight line distance, from Paris to Tsitsikar (Manchuria), with 7925 km in 52 hours of flight. Then in November of the same year, they set a record for the Paris-Hanoi flight in 4 days. Compliments of Laurent Eynac, Minister of the Air Force, after this double feat. "I would like to reiterate my warmest congratulations to you for the magnificent performance you have just accomplished with Costes, by beating the world record for straight-line distance. This feat highlights once again your brilliant qualities as a navigator, and does the greatest honor to French aeronautics [...]". Attached are 2 interesting manuscripts by Maurice Bellonte, in fine handwriting, 1 p. in-8 and 1 p. ½ in-4, on the preparation of a new raid after the Americans broke this record. "As you have just seen the Americans have just taken away the distance record that Costes and I held for nearly 2 years. The Trait d'Union n°2 is going to leave in a few days and we hope that it will succeed. If I had to solve the problem of bringing the record back to France for sure and if I were given the choice of means, it would be done by the next moon [...]".
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