SAÔNE-ET-LOIRE. Parchment, 34 x 42 cm. Ghent,... - Lot 198 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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SAÔNE-ET-LOIRE. Parchment, 34 x 42 cm. Ghent,... - Lot 198 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
SAÔNE-ET-LOIRE. Parchment, 34 x 42 cm. Ghent, May 2, 1476. Mandate of Charles the Bold concerning the murky criminal affair of Guillaume Lombart, which shook the city of Autun in 1476. Guillaume Lombart was an important magistrate who held the position of Attorney General of Burgundy. In January 1476, he was kidnapped and sequestered by one of his enemies in the pay of King Louis XI of France, Jehan Le Maire; he was poisoned and died in horrible pain. This is a rare and very interesting document about an affair that testifies to the dissensions and rivalries between Burgundian factions during this pivotal period for the duchy (Charles the Bold, the last duke, will be killed shortly after, on January 5, 1477, during the battle of Nancy). He responds to a petition from "Simon Lombart living in our city of Autun". He wrote: " [...] one named maistre Guillaume Lombart brother of the said suppliant conceived a mortal hayne against him and without any other cause except that the said suppliant was forced several times both by remonstrances and otherwise to withdraw the said maistre Guillaume Lombart his brother-in-law from a dissolute life which he maintained against the state and honor of marriage and from other several excesses and abuses committed by him [...] ". There follows a long text (50 lines). A second letter is sealed to the first (June 20, 1476), also concerning the request of Simon Lombart, from Jehan Jouard "seigneur deschevannes chief du conseil et president des parlemens de monseigneur le duc en ce pays de bourgoingne", with a seal hanging under the paper. [Jehan Jouard was massacred on June 26, 1477 during the rebellion known as the "Mutemaque".]
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