Camille GUERIN (1872-1961), ornithologist,... - Lot 32 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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Camille GUERIN (1872-1961), ornithologist,... - Lot 32 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
Camille GUERIN (1872-1961), ornithologist, veterinarian and biologist, inventor of the BCG, anti-tuberculosis vaccine. 2 L.A.S. Fontenay-le-Comte and Vichy, July 1933. 3 pp. ½ in-8 and 2 pp. in-4. Long scientific considerations and presentation of the researches of the ornithologist Guérin on the owls and particularly the great-owl. He thanks a colleague who sent him peloses (bird droppings) and an owl "ascalaphe à tête claire", opening "new perspectives of good work 'in the live'". He adds: "The documentation on the great horned owl, in a general way, appearing to me already in France and in Europe quite difficult to obtain, thanks to the complaisance of some devoted scientists, the difficulties vanish and I am already passed to the achievements". Guerin works on "the periodicity of the rejections" in aviary "My experiments on my great horned owl continued since my preceding letter were confirmed with a surprising regularity. I always have two peloses for twenty-four hours with a tendency to another additional pelose if the food is more abundant. Naturally the preys are always presented during a dozen hours per day, as they would be during a hunt of the same duration in the wild, and very fresh, the great horned owl seeming to me little inclined to throw itself on one of the pheasant animals. The conditions of life in the desert are obviously different. However, I expect the same results. This is followed by interesting reflections on isabellism (a form of albinism in certain birds), "quite rare in nocturnal [birds]" but without "an unbridgeable demarcation between two geographical varieties". Guérin compares the peloses of the French and European Great Horned Owls, the lengths of their wings, etc. The ornithologist Otto Uttendörfer (1870-1954) "promises him peloses of Bavarian barn owls" and the ornithologist Paul Poty (1889-1962) "has already sent me some from the Côte d'Or [...]". The second mail contains lists of scientific results on the "daily multi-rejects" of the Grand-duc "very clearly highlighted and even the double rejection, since from June 28 at 21h (1st meal) to July 6 10h, the bird in 7 ½ days gives 16 balls". Following the quantities of meals, remark on the Apus, Hulottes, Gryllotalpa etc.
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