Jean-Emmanuel GILIBERT (1751-1814), doctor... - Lot 29 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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Jean-Emmanuel GILIBERT (1751-1814), doctor... - Lot 29 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
Jean-Emmanuel GILIBERT (1751-1814), doctor and botanist. He was a companion of Robespierre, founded a school of midwifery, was a member of the Academy of Lyon. L.A. with paper strip bearing Gilibert's signature fixed at the end of the letter. S.l.n.d. [circa 1802-1805]. 4 pp. in-8. Rare and long letter of Gilibert dedicated to Linné. [In 1802 and 1805, Gilibert published extracts from the books of his illustrious colleague Carl von LINNÉ (1707-1778)]. "The first volume of Linnaeus' System of Nature, which deals with the quadrupeds or mammals, is in press. I did not intend to abbreviate the text of this author who has always used a precise style [...]. I have sometimes been to paraphrase him, so my abbreviations relate rather to the suppression of a crowd of species, only denominated and characterized, on which the history does not offer any interesting details and which are not true [...] I think that it is better to isolate in some plan the useful species. [...] Our modern nomenclatures have reported more than sixty thousand species in the three kingdoms of nature [...] to know a species well it is necessary to bring it back to its class, its order, its genus and to determine it [...] ". Gilibert methodically explains how to qualify and classify species, how he constructs each article of his edition and draws a parallel with medicine. "Each article can be ended by the anatomical exposition of the internal parts [...] but to complete this history, it is necessary to specify in the immortal work of Buffon and in those of his indefatigable collaborator Daubenton. [...] the précis of their observations added to the translation of the text of Linné could complete an elementary work rich by the details and able to satisfy the curiosity of the pupils [...]. To make known the execution of our plan, we are going to communicate to you the article of the beaver, a curious animal that we had the occasion to observe, and on whose habits we can present some additions [...] ".
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