Gabriel PEIGNOT (1767-1849), bibliographer. 3... - Lot 611 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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Gabriel PEIGNOT (1767-1849), bibliographer. 3... - Lot 611 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
Gabriel PEIGNOT (1767-1849), bibliographer. 3 autograph letters signed to Claude-Nicolas Amanton (1760-1835), Burgundian scholar, biographer, sub-governor at the château de Meudon; he was also mayor of Auxonne and owner (and principal editor) of the Journal de Dijon et de la Côte d'Or (1813-1831). Vesoul, Beaune and Dijon, 1819-1835. 6 pp. in-4 and in-8. One on the letterhead of the principal of the Royal College of Dijon. Addresses on the back. Nice scholarly and friendly correspondence. "I am working here on my Romans as if I were in Dijon, I am only distracted by diabolical meals which follow one another without interruption and which tire me a lot []. The list of these cursed meals will only end the day before my departure for Dijon, and despite all my reserve, I believe that I will only arrive there to be buried, but it will not be from starvation []. I am very late in thanking you, my good and dear friend, for your attention in sending me your journal which I have read, reread and devoured with as much greed and delight as the old Hebrews used to feast on manna in the desert []. I am as foreign to the affairs of the world as the rat of the Fountain cloistered in his Dutch cheese, with the difference that he was as fat as a monk, uncharitable and carefree, and that I am as dry as a herring and I give a few pennies to the poor, and that I think of all the work that awaits me in Dijon on my return []. I have been given a gift of the Bibliothèque de littérature étrangère d'Aignan, in 3 vol. in-8 - of the L'histoire philosophique des langues, 1 vol. in-12 - of the Traité des sépultures par le grand-d'aussy, a book full of erudition and which suits me all the better since I have all the other works of this learned academician [] ". The last letter is written on September 26, 1835, two days before the death of Amanton; he evokes his illness, the publication of the Two Crébillons, the Galerie auxonnaise, etc. Attached: an order granting a sum to Gabriel Peignot as inspector of the Bookshop in Troyes (1814), and a certificate signed by Peignot as principal of the Royal College of Dijon in favor of a boarder (1817).
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