Félix-Joseph BARRIAS (1822-1907), painter,... - Lot 418 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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Félix-Joseph BARRIAS (1822-1907), painter,... - Lot 418 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
Félix-Joseph BARRIAS (1822-1907), painter, prize of Rome (1844). Autograph letter signed to the painter Eugène-Ernest Hillemacher (1818-1887). 3 pp. in-4. Rome, January 5, 1848. Beautiful letter from the Villa Medici (he was a pensioner there from 1845 to 1849). He shares his melancholy with her. "Painting is not going badly, however, I hope to recover a little from last year, I am doing a large figure of a Gaul imprisoned with his daughter and despising the people who insult him. Then I started a small painting of the Sirens, I changed again what you had seen, I hope it will have progressed []. Life here is always the same, the next day as the day before, only I give myself a little movement every night at Rosa's, not the wife, but the master of arms. Yes, my dear friend, every night I am forced to think of you. I melt in your slippers, I inherited them, they fit me very well []. The Cavelier [the sculptor Jules Cavelier (1814-1894)] devours marble more and more, he leaves his workshop in the state of an albino but with red eyes. However he says to you a thousand friendships. The others are still going their little way, nothing has changed, the national guard is still standing guard, doing fire drills [] ".
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