jeudi 27 janvier 2022 10:00
Lyon , 8-10, rue de Castries 69002 Lyon
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from 10 am: lots 1 to 202

from 2:30 pm: lots 203 and following

Autographs - Manuscripts - Archives

from the 13th to the 20th century

Sciences: Brongniart, Buffon, Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Bernard de Jussieu, Lamarck, Noisette, Raffles, etc.

Music: musical collection of the Marquis de Chambray, archives of Henri Martelli (180 musical manuscripts), letters of Berlioz, Boulez, Hahn, Honegger (musical ms), etc.

Fine arts: Chagall, Louis de Châtillon (important correspondence), Delacroix, Antoine Etex, Lebourg, Magritte, Man Ray, Henri Martin, Rouault, Sempé, etc.

Regionalism: very numerous manuscripts on all the French departments

Autographs: Barbey d'Aurevilly, Bernanos, Céline, Chateaubriand, Crevel, Dumont d'Urville, de Gaulle, Gide, Jaurès, Louis XIV (to Honoré II of Monaco), Mirabeau, Nerval, Blaise Pascal, Reverdy, Roosevelt, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Sade, Sand, Schweitzer, etc., as well as many other lots.

Dedicated books: James Baldwin, Eiffel, Prévert, Sartre (to Gide), etc.

Collector's papers: assignats, bills of lading, engravings (including Rembrandt), illustrated letters, postmarks, stamps on letters, revolutionary vignettes, etc.

History, travels, Varia: posters, Black Africa, America, Brazil, Papal bull, Catholicism (very important archive of Jean-Marie Paupert), China, Hundred Years' War, Madagascar, Malta, Martinique, Port-Royal, Resistance (collection of letters from the companions of the Liberation), Revolution (important collection on 1789), etc.

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