[SAINT-DOMINGUE]. Pierre LECHAT-DESLANDES,... - Lot 362 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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[SAINT-DOMINGUE]. Pierre LECHAT-DESLANDES,... - Lot 362 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
[SAINT-DOMINGUE]. Pierre LECHAT-DESLANDES, former colonist of Saint-Domingue, owner of the Deslandes dwelling, quartier des citronniers, dependence of Léogane, on the west coast of the island. Set of autograph manuscripts (drafts with numerous corrections), late 18th-early 19th century (2 dates appear: 15 frimaire and 1806), forming in total 80 pp. in-8. - Curious set of manuscripts in verse: tales (The Last Judgment, Dialogue between two sisters). - Notes and reflections on nature, the hierarchy of beings that inhabit it. "This class is the last and includes the least perfect species of humanity; it includes the peoples of Africa, today the part of the black men, the peoples of the new world, still at present in the infancy of reason and the arts: this last race of men is susceptible of a certain perfection [...]. Following this class comes that of the animals, which observes the same order with respect to its superiority over the lower classes, to which the successive decreases in heat have given rise [...]". - Letter received (with address on the back) concerning the purchase of tall trees and a draft of a letter to General Watrin on mission in St Domingue which gives us interesting information about the author: "The citizen Deslandes, owner of half of a house in St Domingue, having experienced in his properties all the fury and disasters that the great majority of owners of these houses have suffered [...]. It is located in the western part of the island, canton and plain of Léogane, 8 leagues from Port au Prince, and 2 leagues from the city commonly known as Deslandes, working in sugar refinery [...]". This dwelling built by his family "goes back almost to the first settlements of the colony" and is now completely destroyed.
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