NEW ZEALAND. Anonymous letter addressed to... - Lot 344 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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NEW ZEALAND. Anonymous letter addressed to... - Lot 344 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
NEW ZEALAND. Anonymous letter addressed to "M. le rédacteur" [perhaps from the newspaper Le Siècle]. 2 pp. in-4. London, April 14, 1840. Interesting letter denouncing the colonization of New Zealand, at the time of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi (February 6, 1840) considered as the founding act of the colony, and its exploitation by the New Zealand Company. "Some English newspapers have been making a lot of noise for some time about a French colony that has been established in New Zealand, and about the project that the French government has, they say, to make this island a place of deportation for its convicts [...]", with the tacit agreement of England according to some newspapers. "In truth, it is a very singular thing that this exclusive claim that John Bull arrogates to himself over lands that have no masters but poor savages without any idea of property, and who know no other goods than air and freedom. As soon as an English sailor sees from the top of the masts one of these islands which swarm the Pacific Ocean, he cries land. The captain takes his long-sightedness and, after having checked on his marine chart that this island is not there, he says: this is ours [...]". And then Queen Victoria claims to have acquired in an instant immense lands with their inhabitants. "Let's see what happened in relation to New Zealand: as soon as England said: this is mine, a company was formed in London to skin this new prey; in the same way that soon we will undoubtedly hear that a band was organized in the City to exploit the thing. Now this company chartered a vessel laden with gin, cloves and glassware, and for the value of a hundred pounds sterling, purchased from a people who certainly do not know what it is to sell and buy, a million acres of land [...]. Now I will say a word about the Company's personnel [...]". He denounces the hand of the former governor of Canada and the way he did it without scruples, with the complicity of the English government. "When the New Zealand Company was formed, the resentment of the ex-governor was not so great as to make him forget his interests [...] and for one hundred francs, he became the owner of sixty thousand arpens of land [...]".
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