SAVOIE. About 45 documents. - From Monchenu.... - Lot 204 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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SAVOIE. About 45 documents. - From Monchenu.... - Lot 204 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
SAVOIE. About 45 documents. - From Monchenu. 2 L.A.S. written from Chambéry (1632) - Abbey of Jarsy]. Handwritten piece, 2 pp. in-folio. February 12, 1780: "Mémoire pour l'abbaye de Jarsy" (Memorandum for the abbey of Jarsy), concerning the payment of the contractor who rebuilt the buildings of the abbey. - 9 miscellaneous documents: poster on the conscription of 1812 (Chambéry, 16 Jan. 1812), certificate of good conduct (Valloire, 1823), 4 letters from the beginning of the XVIIth written from Chambéry relative to a lawsuit with the Senate of Savoy, letter written from Chambéry in 1786 ("I have given my orders here to have the named Quilin dit Sauvage arrested, one of the leaders of the sedition which took place recently [...), letter from Alfred Berthier chancellor of the Academy of Florimont Games (giving details of the next competition, Chambéry, 1934), long letter on the social life in Aix-les-Bains in 1883 (8 pp.). - P.M. Du Puy, silk manufacturer in Chambéry. 16 letters to the Lyon merchant Ferrand, accompanied by 6 sheets of accounts and 5 payment orders. Chambéry, 1803-1807. Some defects (tears at the opening, cuts in the margins). Chambéry, 30 messidor year 13. " I undertake again to set up some gauze trades; would you please give me some clues on the most tasty kinds at this moment. Are they plain, striped, shaped or brocaded? What are the most fashionable colors? Could you also point me to some embroiderer who has a workshop set up in such a way as to be able to embroider a certain quantity of the said gauzes promptly [...]". He sends silk bales to be dyed and finished, dresses July 21, 1807. "It is finally returned sufficient funds to the sacristy of our parish to complete the ornament for which you had been kind enough to send me samples. We have decided on silk brocaded Damask and gilding for the crosspieces, bands and coping. Only for a Damask brocaded same design and shade without gilding for the backgrounds [] " (letter accompanied by a separate sheet detailing the order). - 19 printed and handwritten documents from Jean-Baptiste comte de SALTEUR-BALLAND (1750-1812), "rentier in Chambéry", senator of the Senate of Savoy, member of the Legion of Honor. Addresses on the back. Set of documents on the price of basic foodstuffs in Chambéry during the Revolution and the Empire, and the application of the new metric system in the department of Mont-Blanc: - 8 circular letters from the mayor of Chambéry, completed by hand, giving the prices of "bread and fat butcher's meat and without brelaude", for different periods. 1810-1812. - Printed 18 pp. in-4 (Chambéry, chez Lullin, [an 11]): " Tableaux définitifs d'évaluation des anciennes mesures du département du Mont-Blanc, en mesures nouvelles [...] ". - 7 handwritten sheets giving the price of foodstuffs in Chambéry at different periods, one of which includes 4 conversion tables of the old measures used in Chambéry. - 3 printed tables: "application of the prices of the old measures to the new ones".
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