LOIRET. About fifteen documents. - Handwritten... - Lot 159 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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LOIRET. About fifteen documents. - Handwritten... - Lot 159 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
LOIRET. About fifteen documents. - Handwritten piece from the XVIIIth composed of 4 quatrains (1 p. in-4) : " Epitaph of Mr de Jarente, bishop of Orléans ". - Manuscript from the XVIIth century, in Latin, 4 pp. in-folio, with mention in the margin " livre de grâce de monseigneur l'évêque d'Orléans ". - Receipt from the printers Darnault and Maurant for the printing of 120 posters (Orléans, 1793). Promissory bill (Orléans 1787), 2 receipts XVIIth on parchment (Orléans, 1626-1652). Letter from the merchant Cahouet (Orléans 1729). - Set of 8 printed revolutionary documents. - Statutes and regulations of the Society of the friends of the constitution of the city of Orléans (1790, 15 pp. in-8, tears at the bottom of the pages). - Festivities of the Supreme Being and Nature. Program of the festivities. Orléans, 15 prairial year 2. 4 pp. in-folio. - Extract from the register of the deliberations of the Directory of Gien, meeting of 3 pluviôse year 2. 4 pp. in-4, 2 copies. - Account of the operations of the municipality of Orleans since December 31, 1792, day of its installation, until March 22 following, time of its suspension. 81 pp. in-4. - Continuation of the minutes of the meetings held in the Church Saint-Paterne of Orléans, by the citizen Laplanche, representative of the People in the department of the Loiret. 84 pp. in-4. Printed by L.P. Couret, in Orléans. [Assignats]. Printed 16 pp. in-4 + title page, at Couret & Capmartin in Orleans, [1797]. "Table of depreciation of the paper money, made by the central administration of Loiret, in execution of the law of 5 messidor year 5 - Course of the assignats in the department of Loiret, since January 1, 1791 until and including 30 ventôse year 4 " (or March 20, 1796). - Formulas of imprecation against the perjurers, and invocation to the supreme being, written and stopped by the professors of the Central School & approved by the departmental administration, to be sung in all the communes of the department of Loiret, at the feast of the 2 pluviôse year 7. 4 pp. in-4 Printed in Orleans by Jacob l'aîné. Attached: "Faux matériels en écritures authentiques commis par M. Porcher juge d'instruction près le tribunal de 1ère instance d'Orléans dans la plainte portée par Louis-Étienne Lemoine-Monbrun le 23 mars 1821, contre Cabart fils et Pèlerin, notaires à Orléans, pour crime de concussion" (8 pp. in-4). - State of the national property included in the submission of the municipality of Orléans (4 pp. in-4). Loiret : see also n°356
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