LOIRE-ATLANTIQUE. - THOMAS, director of the... - Lot 158 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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LOIRE-ATLANTIQUE. - THOMAS, director of the... - Lot 158 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
LOIRE-ATLANTIQUE. - THOMAS, director of the Mint of Nantes and Pierre-Louis PRIEUR " de la Marne " (1756-1827), Montagnard conventional, sent to Nantes to replace Carrier. P.A.S., 1 p. in-4. Nantes, 22 ventôse year 2 [12 March 1794]. Receipt written by the director of the Mint of Nantes for goods coming from the churches and the hospital of Croisic. "Five chalices and their patens, a saucer, a sun in vermeil with its glasses, a ciborium & two custodes, the whole coming from the former parish of the said Croisic [...] ". All certified by Prieur de la Marne, sent on mission to Nantes. - Antoine ROLLIN DE LA FARGE (1740-1814), deputy of the Loire Inférieure. L.A.S. as "professor of navigation at the port of Nantes and ex-legislator" to "monsieur le comte", 2 pp. in-4. Nantes, Oct. 3, 1808. Wishing to join the Imperial University, Rollin de La Farge puts forward all the functions he had held up to then for 40 years: first professor of mathematics for the Guards of the Navy, professor of experimental physics at the Royal Academy of the Navy until his appointment, in the year 4, to the chair of legislation at the Central School of the Loire Inférieure "which I filled until its abolition [...]". "During this long period of years I had the happiness to train a great number of distinguished officers and subjects useful to the State [...]. During the Revolution, I was happy enough to wipe away a few tears and never had the pain of shedding any [...]". - Various documents : ordination of a priest by the bishop of Nantes (Gabriel de Beauvau, 1650, parchment); manuscript of a song about the Vendée by Le Bouvier des Mortiers, former master of accounts in Nantes (early 19th century); poster prohibiting the sale of alcohol in Saint-Nazaire (July 1918); program of a concert-conference at the casino of La Baule (1920); extract from the hearing held in the village of Avessac (the peasants having let their cows graze on the land of the seigneury, 10 pp. in-4, 1740); illustrated invoice of a manufacturer of umbrellas from Nantes (1848); poster "Instruction sur le service des convois militaires" (Nantes Jan. 1820); letter from Guiberteau in Nantes (1738). Extract from the registers of the Chamber of Accounts of Brittany (parchment, 1634). Diploma of the dance contest organized in La Baule by Femina (1925) - Forges de Chateaubriant]. Louis-Joseph de Bourbon (1736-1818), last prince of Condé. Letter signed to the duke of Praslin. 2 ½ pp. in-4 (right edge cut removing a few words). Paris, June 22, 1770. He reminds the duke of Praslin "that I have been owed by the King for a very long time a sum of 127845# from irons supplied from the forges dependent on my land of Chateaubriant in Brittany. He recalls the circumstances of these requisitions made from 1758 to 1760, at the time of the Seven Years' War, for the service of the Navy, that he has never been paid for what he provided, that he was refused interest and that he wishes to benefit from this considerable sum to pay his own debts to the King for the payment of the twentieth.
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