ISERE. - Grésivaudan. 2 manuscripts from... - Lot 153 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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ISERE. - Grésivaudan. 2 manuscripts from... - Lot 153 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
ISERE. - Grésivaudan. 2 manuscripts from the 18th century, forming 30 pp. in-folio. Manuscript entitled: "Memorandum for the royal attorneys of the royal seats of Grézivodan [Grésivaudan], Vienne and Gap, in response to those of the royal attorneys of the seats of Vienne, Briançon and Le Buis. Memorandum written by the lawyers of the king of the seats of Vienne, Briançon and Le Buis, "to be attributed the same rights which had given place to the procedure carried to the Council between the prosecutor and lawyer of the King of Grésivodan". In 24 pages, they detail their claims and demand equal rights between the different seats of the Dauphiné. With a second manuscript: " Copy of the conventions under private signature made by the lawyers and procurators of the king to the seat of Embrun in Dauphiné of September 2, 1685 which are still at present carried out by the successors of those which subscribed them ". - 5 letters about the magazine Existences (Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet 1945-1946) by Claude Pascal and Georges Lemarchand. - Letter from Brother Benoit-Joseph of the abbey of the Trappe de Notre-Dame-de-Chambarand (1879), 18th century print concerning the community of Demptezieu & Saint-Savin (28 pp. in-folio), circular letter of the prefect of Isère (9 thermidor year 10), circular letter of the provisional agent of the district of Thermopyles (ci-devant St-Marcellin) of 2 germinal year 2, service record of a captain of the Great Army having served in the imperial guard (Grenoble 1836), circular letter of the national agent of the district of Grenoble (4 germinal year 3), document signed by Jean de Micha sieur de Bursin adviser of the King to the royal seat of Grésivaudan (1620) - Manuscript (with some corrections in the margin), late 17th-early 18th century, entitled " Mémoire sur la requeste des lieutenants du Roy de en Dauphiné ". 7 pp. large folio. Significant fading. With another handwritten piece " Considérations principales qu'en Dauphiné à la différence de tout le reste du Royaume [...] " (1 p. large in-folio). - 4 printed documents from the 17th and 18th centuries concerning the Dauphiné: Edit du Roy given in Versailles in March 1690, confirming the emancipation of commoners who were freed from the royal, negociable and other sizes in the province of Dauphiné (1690); Regulations for the general office of alms (uncut), etc.
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