FINISTERE. 2 revolutionary documents. - Augustin... - Lot 134 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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FINISTERE. 2 revolutionary documents. - Augustin... - Lot 134 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
FINISTERE. 2 revolutionary documents. - Augustin LE GOAZRE DE KERVELEGAN (Quimper 1748/1825), constituent and conventional of Finistère, he was also mayor of Quimper. L.A.S. to "my dear Bordas" and "old colleague" [probably the Montagnard conventionalist Pardoux Bordas]. 1 p. ½ in-4. Edge consolidation on the back. "Toulgoat near Quimper, 15 thermidor year 11". "It is written my dear Bordas in the 3rd heaven of St. Paul, where we never go, neither one nor the other, that from the bosom of my woods and my mountains of Finistère, I was destined to torment you [...]. A place of justice of the peace is vacant in my neighborhood: the inhabitants desire the citizen Jean Le Berre who will see you in Paris. He is a man of merit and talent, he could teach French, Latin and Spanish grammar, but what will be useful to him in the place [...] is that he knows the Celtic language without which it is impossible to be a good justice of the peace in our rural cantons [...] ". - Jacques-Tanguy-Marie GUERMEUR (Quimper 1750-1798), conventioneer of Finistère. L.A.S., 3 pp. in-4. Quimper, "25th day of the first month of the year 2 of the one and indivisible Republic". A very interesting letter about the violent repression he was leading in the department. He was held in Brest by Jean Bon Saint-André and Prieur. "They will not have failed to tell you that I have put them more or less on the way to the infamous conspiracy which has brought our fleet back [...]". He had to make 2 trips to Landernau because his administration was "hindered in its progress by a supervisory committee that the intriguers had managed to compose of men who were suspicious to say the least, it was hindered by a muscadine society that rivaled the one without breeches". He had various arrest warrants executed in Quimper. "The most guilty, however, the infernal Abgrall and La Hubaudière escaped for some time and I have strong suspicions that this came from the very office of your colleagues who, I owe you the truth, had taken as deputy to the commission, a certain Belval, the present Attorney General, the one who contributed most to the uprising in Brest, the damned soul of the traitor Kervelegan [...]". He has just been told that they tried to arrest him but that he is on the run "which is unfortunate because he is affected and convinced of enormous squandering". In Landernau, he learned that Kervelegan had been seen "hunting with two others in the Penmarch tidal flats. Immediately he took measures to send 30 men to look for him. "What was executed, they defiled two castles and found nothing. He continued his infernal hunt. "As soon as I learned of the arrest of the villain Souchet, Keroisien, the woman Kervelegan and some others, I thought I should return immediately to Quimper, because at present I have all the means necessary to pursue these villains. Arrived before yesterday in the night, I surrounded myself with the chief of the legion, with Vaucel who behaves as well as can be expected, and with some others; I proposed to them to get on horseback immediately and to go to Plomeur where my man had given me positive information". He requisitioned the sans-culottes of Pont l'Abbé and recounted the arrest of "scoundrels" at the priest's house. "All these scoundrels can see that there is no way to escape from me now. He gives the list of the prisoners who are going to be transferred to Paris; among them the bishop of Finistère Expilly who will be guillotined. "I have just learned that Kervelegan, his brother, the traitor Abgrall and 4 others who are said to be deputies are in Brieuc where they are trying to raise the farmers. 20 men and 4 gendarmes will leave. I will pursue them relentlessly and I answer to you for them [...]".
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