Friedrich von HELLWALD (1842-1892), Austrian... - Lot 63 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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Friedrich von HELLWALD (1842-1892), Austrian... - Lot 63 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
Friedrich von HELLWALD (1842-1892), Austrian anthropologist and ethnographer; he spread Darwin's theories and influenced Nietzsche's thought. 4 autograph letters signed to Alexis Giraud-Teulon. 6 pp. in-8 and 4 pp. in-4. Vienna and Augsburg, 1870-1872. Long and very interesting correspondence, in particular on the settlement of America, after the reading of his study on the mother in Antiquity "a work for which I am very grateful to you because it has opened up completely new points of view, for me completely unknown [...]. You may still remember the interest I take in everything that concerns America and especially its pre-Columbian past [...] My work on the pre-Columbian history of America is not done overnight; I have already been working on it for many years. Mr. de Saussure knows it, and however nothing is still done, not a line is still written [...]. Perhaps it would still be premature to deduce from this an affinity, a rapprochement between the populations of America and Africa, a thesis that has been much discussed in the past but for which we have almost no other point of support. In a small brochure on the migration of the American peoples, a brochure that you may know from having seen it at Mr. de Saussure's, who I am sure will make it available to you if it could be of interest to you, I supported a few years ago the autochthonism of the population as well as the civilization of the new continent. I must confess that today, accepting Darwin's theory, which is becoming more and more probable, I could not support the autochthonism of the American population, since Darwin forces us to believe in a single common origin of humanity and thus re-establishes the monogenism of the Bible, from which we polygenists had deviated so much [...]". He still disserted at length on the population of South America, and the question of a population previous to the Incas. "I am persuaded that the Aymaras are more ancient than the Incas and that they formed the true natives of Peru [...] ".
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