Henri-Frédéric AMIEL (Geneva 1821-1881),... - Lot 54 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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Henri-Frédéric AMIEL (Geneva 1821-1881),... - Lot 54 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
Henri-Frédéric AMIEL (Geneva 1821-1881), Swiss philosopher and diarist; the publication of his Journal of 17,000 pages, kept from 1839 to 1881, had a great impact. Autograph letter signed to Alexis Giraud-Teulon. 4 pp. in-8. Geneva, January 12, 1868. Long and very interesting letter after the reading of his study on the mother in the high antiquity, "study as strongly conceived as ingeniously written, and of which I like the subject, the ideas, the style & the author". He wonders why he preferred the quick sketch to the developed study. "But as Pascal says, the heart can have reasons that reason does not understand, which does not mean that I give myself to reason. You know the words of this Chinese emperor who was asked which piece of a European concert had particularly charmed him; it is the first one, answered the Asiatic music lover, the one which preceded what you call the overture [...]. Will you ask me my feelings on the gynecocratic hypothesis? and on the aptitudes of the brown race? Theoretically, the first, it seems to me, is admissible if not probable. Or rather I do not say enough. I am tempted to believe that the historical phenomenon of Hindustan, the superimposition of different ethnographic layers, the lower layer also having different religion and morals, has happened everywhere. The series of polyandry (promiscuity [the beginning]) / gynecocracy - polygamy (the authoritarian / submaternal / subpaternal family (polyg./monog.)) / monogamy (the egalitarian family [the future]) represents perhaps the evolution that has taken place in the most historical countries, the most ancient ones cultivated by settled populations. From the point of view of positive science, the highlighting of a little known form of the family & of a neglected race, is of great interest [...]".
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