Achille VALENCIENNES (1794-1865), French... - Lot 51 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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Achille VALENCIENNES (1794-1865), French... - Lot 51 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
Achille VALENCIENNES (1794-1865), French zoologist, malacologist and ichthyologist. Director of the chair of Zoology of the Museum of Natural History (reptiles and fishes, then of Natural History of molluscs, worms and zoophytes). L.A.S. S.l.n.d. "19 February". 2 pp. ½ in-8. Printed letterhead of the Museum of Natural History. Two tears without affecting the text. Valenciennes dissects a wild bird and draws up an autopsy. "You will be well pleased to see for yourself a case of acute peripneumonia which killed during the cold night of Friday to Saturday a small wild finch (fringilla coelebs Lin) it was found dead in my garden, and it had escaped the searches of the cats. It also seems to me that there was a little enteritis, at least judging by the red spots which colored the small intestine [...] I believe however that these sickly cases are rarely observed, and by the very simple reason that nature provided for the destruction of the beings which die with an extreme speed. Nothing is more rare than to find a dead bird in the woods [...]. The mammalian birds and carnivorous insects are there ready to make the corpse disappear. However, I think I read in Vieillot (an ornithologist, who is very stupid and uneducated) [Louis Pierre Vieillot (1748-1830)] that birds living constantly in the air are not subject to chest fluxions [...]".
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