Charles François BRISSEAU DE MIRBEL (1776-1854),... - Lot 11 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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Charles François BRISSEAU DE MIRBEL (1776-1854),... - Lot 11 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
Charles François BRISSEAU DE MIRBEL (1776-1854), botanist, director of the Gardens and greenhouses, professor at the Museum. Set of 2 documents: - L.S. S.l.n.d. 1 p. in-4. Header of the Museum of Natural History. Interesting letter about silkworms brought back from Bengal by Captain Vaillant, commander of La Bonite "and various utensils used for the education of these insects". An extraordinary commission of the Academy of Sciences will be charged to examine these worms. "However as the eggs are very numerous, and it is important to make the best use of them" they will be entrusted to meticulous educators. For that purpose, Mirbel entrusts the eggs to his correspondent with this same letter and adds "They were transported from Bengal to France, partly in earthen vases closed hermetically, partly in the hollow of bamboo sections or in simple paper envelopes [...]". - L.A.S. November 26, 1821. 3 pp. in-4. Gilt edges. "Count d'Argout has taken it upon himself to give you a small box of fossils that were given to us by the engineer of the bridge of Libourne [Gironde] [...]. I engaged several people to carefully collect these debris of a world which does not exist any more, and I have reason to believe that my recommendations will not be fruitless [...] ". He evokes the parallelepipedic pieces, comments at length on the political situation of France and the effects of the book of François Guizot.
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