REVOLUTION 1789. Exceptional set of documents... - Lot 728 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay

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REVOLUTION 1789. Exceptional set of documents... - Lot 728 - Conan Belleville Hôtel d'Ainay
REVOLUTION 1789. Exceptional set of documents entirely devoted to the year 1789, the year of the changeover: 96 letters, manuscripts and printed documents all dated from that year, classified in chronological order and kept in a folder. Let us quote some examples, reflections of the great events: the famine and the cold of the winter 1788-1789, the preparation of the States General and their meeting in Versailles, the revolutionary events: - January 1, 1789. Letter signed by the statesman and intendant Antoine-Jean AMELOT DU CHAILLOU (1732-1795), 2 pp. in-4. About Necker and "the shortage of which this great city [Lyon] is threatened", the supply of grain to Bugey and Lyonnais. - January 5. Letter A.S. from the future conventionnel François-Antoine DAUBERMESNIL (1748-1802), to the archdeacon of Narbonne, 3 pp. in-4. Long and very prophetic letter: "The state is in convulsion and immense changes are being prepared in all kinds"; developments on the States of Languedoc and the preparation of the States General. - January 30. long letter from the librarian and constituent Louis LEFÈVRE D'ORMESSON DE NOYSEAU (1753-guillotined April 20, 1794), 4 pp. in-folio, to obtain the place of "master of the King's library" and to be admitted to the Academy of Inscriptions. - February 4. The Indianist and Orientalist Abraham Hyacinthe ANQUETIL-DUPERRON (1731-1805). L.A.S. to Malesherbes, 3 pp. in-4. Superb and long letter about intrigues at the Academy and his refusal to be deputy to the States General. - February 10. Honoré-Gabriel Riqueti comte de MIRABEAU (1749-1791), the great tribune of the early Revolution. L.A.S. to Vignon, prosecutor at the Châtelet, to "deal with a definitive arrangement concerning my affairs". - March 19. Deliberation naming the deputies in charge of handing in the book of grievances of the village of Haraucourt (Ardennes). - May 5. Superb letter of 4 pp. in-4 relating the opening of the States General by a direct witness of the events. - July 11. Cardinal de LA ROCHEFOUCAULD (1712-1800), constituent. L.A.S. to Baroche at the archbishopric of Rouen, written from Versailles, evoking the expenses caused by his stay in Versailles. I would do things even more magnificently if I were not obliged to make a very great expense here, everything is very expensive, I am convinced that it costs me more than twelve thousand livres for the table, without counting the rent of the house which is 1400# per month, not including all that has been done for the kitchen, the office, etc. []". [] ". - August 6th. Louis-Stanislas-Xavier, count of PROVENCE (1755-1824), future Louis XVIII. P.S. authorizing the construction of a garenne. - August 26. Certificate of the Parisian National Guard signed by LA FAYETTE and BAILLY. - October 20. André Boniface Louis Riqueti vicomte de MIRABEAU (1754-1792), known as "Mirabeau Tonneau", constituent, brother of the Great orator. L.A.S. 2 pp. in-4. "As a member of the national assembly, I believe I must, by attaching to my letter the decree of this assembly which gives even criminals a council and allows them to communicate their deffenses, ask you for my relative and my friend, which is of all justice; Mr. de Caraman [Victor Manuel de Riqueti comte de Caraman (1727-1807), descended from a collateral branch] is incommunicado by your orders, we were told today, and he cannot even give news to his family []. As a citizen I claim for him the right to write to me, to pass on to me his means of defense and I dare to hope that you will not refuse what is of rigorous justice [] ". Printed matter: on the deliberation of the parishes of Pluméliau and Bieuzy, circular letter of the president of the assembly of the nobility of Burgundy, regulation for the convocation of the Estates General in the bailliages of Bellesme and Mortagne, État des gentilshommes du bailliage d'Orléans [] conformément à la délibération prise dans l'assemblée de la noblesse [], cahier de l'ordre de la Noblesse du bailliage d'Orléans, " Règlement fait par le Roi en interprétation et exécution de celui du 28 mars dernier concernant la convocation des trois États de la ville de Paris ", " Declaration and protest of the order of the church assembled in Saint-Brieuc, copy of the Journal de Paris with the list of deputies to the Estates-General, " Letter of the King for the convocation of the Estates-General in Versailles on April 27, 1789 and regulation annexed thereto for the duchy of Albret " , "Letter from the King for the convocation of the Estates-General at Versailles on April 27, 1789", "Session held by the King at the Estates-General on June 23, 1789", "General detail of the meeting of the three orders to form the Assembly of the Estates-General of Saturday, June 27, 1789", "Faithful copy of the letter from M. Nairac, député aux États-Généraux, datée de Versailles le mercredi 15 juillet 1789, à 4 heures du soir, adressée à M. E. Nairac " : rare document recounting the riots in Paris and the storming of the Bastille (4 pp. in-8, printed in Bordeaux on 18 July 1789).
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